miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

Small European telcos, good bye...

On Oct 9, 2014 Ms. Neelie KROES (former Vice-President of the EU Comission in charge of Digital Agenda) reported that EU Commission will deregulate telecoms market for fixed line voice calls.
Great news. aren't they?
Well, not for consumers or market competition but, who cares?
Deregulation of telecoms market for fixed line voice calls is great news... but for Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, T-Mobile... and all multinational telco companies in Europe.
Small European telcos would better stop investing, innovating, competing in this market and lowering prices to consumers, as they won't have any support or regulation from the EC or national regulatory bodies.
Certaintly it's much better to provide large European multinational carriers additional revenues that small telco carriers are now "stealing" using regulated offers, so that our Vodafone/Telefonica/Orange/T-Mobile can compete with OTA providers mainly from USA.
Yes, I'd really like this way of regulation if I were Mr. Colao, Mr. Alierta, Mr. Richard or Mr. Legere...
Let's help our large European multinational companies to compete against Skype, Google, Facebook, and future OTA providers. If Americans need to innovate in order to develop new companies and business models from scratch, we Europeans need to avoid and asphyxiate innovation in order to have our 90-year-old ancient telco companies as strong as possible.

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