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Alisys Cloud CX - first WhatsApp channel for Customer Care

ALISYS is probably the most reputable vendor of cloud contact center and customer experience services in Spain. Alisys has been providing these services to large national and multinational corporations, public bodies, and telecom operators since 1999.
Alisys Cloud CX is a Web tool that allows the use of WhatsAppTelegram,WeChatTwitter and Facebook in an integrated manner in Customer Care.
Flexibility with setting channels
Alisys Cloud CX enables the activation of communication channels through WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Twitter or Facebook from a single management platform. It minimises compliance costs and is easily integrated into the existing Contact Center and CRM / ERP infrastructure.
Consistency in customer relations
The combination of customer database and historical multichannel converts into a coherent and continuous process.
Capacity to adapt to demand
Unified management of customer service support, facilitating the estimation of channels to be used and streamlining the assessment of service needs per channel. The standard Contact Center indicators, as Service Level or Mean Time Operation acquire a new dimension by integrating multichannel information. 
About: Jose E. Puente holds a Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Vigo (Spain). Having worked in the full technical deployment of one of the first new entrants (VODAFONE ESPAÑA, formerly Comunitel Global) once telecom market was liberalized in Spain in 1998, as Key Account Manager at the telecom subsidiary of IBERDROLA, and as Wholesale Business Director at OCEAN'S NETWORK (leading the strategy and transition from being a branded reseller of MOVISTAR to becoming a real MVNO over ORANGE network), Jose E. Puente is currently BDM at ALISYS (a cloud communications services company) and also a telecom entrepreneur, market analyst, independent consultant and advisor, specialized in telecommunications technologies, policies and regulations for several companies in Europe and USA.
To contact Jose E. Puente, feel free to send an email to jepuente@gmail.com or call +34 654155756.

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