miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

23 USA telecom carriers fined over $2M by the FCC since 2015

It's really interesting to check how our telecom business is "protected" in the US by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).
In the last two years, 23 telecom carriers were fined by the FCC over $2M...
This is the full list:
If you're interested in telecom regulation in USA, you can also check my other post (in Spanish): "¿Montar una telco en USA? Implicaciones a nivel regulatorio".
About: Jose E. Puente is a Telecommunications Engineer with an expertise in business development for MVNO's, international wholesale VoIP carriers and disruptive telecom projects. Having worked in the full technical deployment of one of the first new entrants (VODAFONE ESPAÑA, formerly Comunitel Global) once telecom market was liberalized in Spain in 1998, as Key Account Manager at the telecom subsidiary of IBERDROLA, and as Wholesale Business Director at OCEAN'S NETWORK (leading the strategy and transition from being a branded reseller of MOVISTAR to becoming a real MVNO over ORANGE network), Jose E. Puente is currently involved in International Business Development with ALISYSTAITICMOBILETALK-Q and a few other companies from Europe and USA.

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