domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

My last week posts on Linkedin (Oct 23 - Oct 29, 2017)

Un español triunfa en el reto más grande de inteligencia artificial de Silicon Valley. Andrés Torrubia compitió con 4.000 gurús de todo el mundo, y ha sido uno de los 4 ganadores de uno de los desafíos "más complejos en conducción autónoma de la historia".

Iberdrola niega que manipulara precios y carga contra la CNMC por "simplista"

When Ether first went on the open market in 2015, was that technically an ICO? Founder Joe Lubin gives uncertain answer...

Gol a Telefónica: el hombre que engañó a Álvarez-Pallete, por Alejandro Suárez Sanchez-Ocaña

How second-layer solutions enable private transactions and help Ethereum to scale

Machine Learning does the (previously) impossible: stopping fraud in telco carrier networks

Cisco buys software maker BroadSoft for $1.9 Billion The deal gives Cisco a major new presence in cloud-based communications products and services, a segment of the market it has been lacking in until now

Bitcoin Gold initiates hard fork split to create new cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Gold technical team has taken what it calls a “snapshot” of the bitcoin blockchain so it could be recreated and reconfigured with new rules, ultimately creating bitcoin gold at block 491,407 on the original blockchain.

Mastercard takes blockchain mainstream with three API's published on the Mastercard Developers website. The company lists four main differentiators of its blockchain: * Privacy – Mastercard ensures that transaction details are only shared among individuals who are a party to the transaction * Flexibility – it can be used in combination with other Mastercard APIs; SDKs are available in six different languages. * Scalability – it is designed for commercial processing speeds. * Reach – it is integrated into Mastercard’s payment network, which includes 22,000 financial institutions.

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