lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

International voice traffic from USA: 7 countries for a $1.6 billion market

According to international retail traffic reports from USA licensed carriers, in 2014 these 7 countries alone meant a $1.6 billion market for international voice traffic:
  • MEXICO: 394M USD annual revenue -> 55.08M daily minutes at an average of 1.96 $cent/min.
  • INDIA: 359M USD annual revenue -> 57.54M daily minutes at an average of 1.71 $cent/min.
  • CANADA: 285M USD annual revenue -> 32.87M daily minutes at an average of 2.37 $cent/min.
  • CUBA: 227M USD annual revenue -> 1.03M daily minutes at an average of 60.71 $cent/min.
  • PHILIPPINES: 165M USD annual revenue -> 4.55M daily minutes at an average of 9.91 $cent/min.
  • COLOMBIA: 109M USD retail revenue -> 6.49M daily minutes at an average of 4.61 $cent/min.
  • HONDURAS: 102M USD retail revenue -> 2.11M daily minutes at an average of 13.24 $cent/min.
What do you think? Are you missing any country?
Can we trust these numbers?
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